Visualisation of the Galvanize Outokumpu Stainless Steel Commission

The Galvanize Outokumpu Stainless Steel commission will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of stainless steel and emphasise the link between the proud heritage and promising future of steel production and specialist steel knowledge within the City of Sheffield.

Images of the completed project : Möbius 1.00.

100 unique laser-cut profiles create an enclosed, yet skeletal, elegant sculptural form influenced by the single-sided form of the Möbius strip.

The strength of the form creates an impactful and intriguing object when viewed from a distance.

An abundance of finer internal patterns relate each profile to the next. These patterns are based on the microstructure of austenite stainless steel. As the observer approaches the object their eye is encouraged to explore the finish and shapes, which illustrate the beauty and flexibility of stainless steel.

The combination of elements creates a cohesive whole, reminding us of, and communicating, the link between the past and the future.

See photos of the completed commission, Möbius 1.00.

Möbius 1.00 will be unveiled at London Design Festival from 13th – 21st September 2014 as part of MADE NORTH’s Design Platform at David Mellor Design, Sloane Square, showcasing talent from Sheffield.

Mobius 1.00 will then move to MADE NORTH’S gallery in Sheffield from 1st – 29th November 2014, including Sheffield Design Weekender 21 – 23rd November.