Stainless Steel Artwork Panels for the Kiosk on The Moor, Sheffield

Artists Coralie Turpin and Owen Waterhouse were commissioned by UK Aberdeen Asset Management to design and produce seven large stainless steel and mixed-metal artwork panels for the largest of three new kiosks built on The Moor, Sheffield.

Each artist brought specific skills to the project – Coralie produces large scale public art for towns and cities throughout the UK, and Owen is a skilled silversmith and designer who works internationally.

The kiosk artwork screens are inspired by Sheffield made tools. The structure reflects a tool used to sharpen saws called the three-square file and the small circular junctions within the frame have 16 individual designs either hand carved or 3D modelled and then either cast in bronze and aluminium or etched into stainless steel and brass. These include saw or knife blades and varied file textures.

The sculptural panels have been manufactured by specialist local fabricators, Elysion Ltd.