Owen Waterhouse with Möbius 1.00 at the Outokumpu Experience 2015, Berlin

Owen Waterhouse

I am an artist, metalsmith and designer based at Persistence Works in Sheffield, UK

Originally trained in Metalwork & Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University, I set up my business in 2004 designing and making precious metal commissions.

Since 2010, I’ve diversified my design practice to include larger scale design projects and sculptural works in a wider variety of materials. I often work in collaboration with specialist companies, artists and designers to design, produce and manage design projects.

My training is significant to how I realise a concept. It has taught me to look in detail at everything I do. I need to be patient, work with precision, understand the nature of material and be very aware of the quality of the work I create.

I strive to create objects that are beautiful, useful and intriguing.  I trained as a silversmith so the act of making with my hands is very important. The making process compliments both my use of technology as a stage in the process of creation and the development of sculptural forms within a virtual environment, enabling me to explore methods of construction.

Often working on client-initiated commissions, I develop artwork influenced by a combination of location, concept and consultation. Exploration of pattern, material and process drive my practice and form the common bond between the artworks I create.  These explorations often have as equal an influence on the outcome of the work as the original seed of a concept.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about me or my work, commission new work or collaborate with me on your project.